THE NAKED MONSTER shot on many of the locations seen in the classic sci-fi films of the ’50s and ’60s, as well as westerns, serials and adventure movies. We managed to do it all without permits and not get arrested once!

Iverson Ranch in the rugged Santa Susana Pass, was known for magnificent rock formations, like the instantly identifiable “Lone Ranger Rock.” Movies shot here include Teenage Caveman, 20 Million Miles to Earth, Have Rocket Will Travel and War of the Colossal Beast.  The area was being leveled for condominiums even as THE NAKED MONSTER was shooting.

Griffith Observatory, the domed edifice overlooking the city, is famed from Rebel Without a Cause, and as backdrop to War of the Colossal Beast, Phantom from Space. Adventures of Superman, Tobor the Great and the spoof Flesh Gordon.

Bronson Canyon, actually an abandoned quarry, is less than a mile from Hollywood Boulevard, provided photogenic background for Roger Corman’s It Conquered the World and Attack of the Crab Monsters (on right), Batman, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, Invisible Invaders, Earth Vs. the Giant Spider and Monster from Green Hell.

Adjacent to Bronson Canyon is verdant Griffith Park.  Back in the silent days, when a director wanted an exotic foreign forest, a sensible producer would tell him, “A tree is a tree, a rock is a rock. Shoot it in Griffith Park.”  So we did!

Vasquez Rocks, with its unique slabs of paleolithic stone, has stood in for Arabia, Tibet, even the Moon, and used as a location in The Outer Limits, Star Trek, Amazon Women on the Moon, Werewolf of London and Planet of Dinosaurs.

The quaint suburban town of Sierra Madre provided a location for Halloween II and Return of the Living Dead, but notably its central town square was prominently featured as the fictional “Santa Mira” in the 1956 Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Other scenes were shot on the regal Queen Mary and in the Soviet submarine Scorpion, both docked in Long Beach. Palmdale Desert north of LA (It Came from Outer Space) stood in for Yucca Flats atomic testing grounds.  And Point Vicente lighthouse in Palos Verdes substituted for the similar structure in Monster from Piedras Blancas.