Director Wayne Berwick (R) sets up for a close-up of Kenneth Tobey at Monster Central.

Writer/producer Ted Newsom, “Tracy” (Bob Burns) and director Wayne Berwick all busy with gorilla warfare.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Wayne Berwick also directed Microwave Massacre, Hang-Up and “The Shooter” and wrote teleplays for Diagnosis Murder, Monsters and Father Dowling Mysteries.  He appeared as a kid in his dad’s Monster of Piedras Blancas with godfather John Harmon and his first heartthrob Jeanne Carmen.  He blows a mean harmonica with his band Westside Wayne and the Boulevard Band, featured in the USA series The Huntress.

Bob Clarke and a couple of his old friends,

Ted Newsom, Lori Nelson and Brinke Stevens. Their scene was delayed for a day as a favor to Fred Olen Ray, who used both actresses in Invisible Mom the previous day.

In the front yard of western and sci fi legend John Agar.

Assistant Armando Sylvestri, Wayne Berwick, cinematographer Mark D. Wolf, Kenneth Tobey, Brinke Stevens, Ted Newsom, Ron Wilson and John Goodwin.

One last monster…

… and one last monster fighter.