The visual magic of THE NAKED MONSTER is wrapped in secrecy. On pain of death and disfigurement, the legion of talented technicians who created the wonders have remained mum for decades. It’s a fact that the film’s special effects are State-of-the-Art — OK, state of the art circa 1957, that is —  but precisely what techniques were used can only be guessed.

One theory is that the titanic reptilian humanoid was constructed full-size, based on scientific recreations found in actual science books.  Such a device would need a massive moving crane to support its 20 ton weight.  Every twitch, eye roll, finger flick and tail swish would be precisely controlled by intricate cables, each operated by a highly-paid master mechanic. This rare photo shows what appears to be a preliminary production test in a railroad yard outside of Durango, Mexico. .

Cinesthetes and genre buffs have long theorized the movie magic had to have been created on a special effects sound stage under controlled conditions, This recently-discovered photograph shows NAKED MONSTER star Brinke Stevens sitting in a sophisticated, wire-operated, robot-controlled, frog-green giant monster palm.  Real picture?  Photoshop hoax?  The latest lounge chair design from IKEA? Pure silliness?  Will we ever know?

A minority of investigators insist that the only way which could have been used to create the visuals of THE NAKED MONSTER is stop-motion animation, where artistes manipulate intricate articulated puppets one frame at a time in incredibly realistic miniature sets.  Sometimes this painstaking technique results in only four seconds of finished footage for six months’ work.  This conspiracy theory is bolstered by this vintage photo, showing Hollywood legend Willis “Obi-Wan” O’Brian operating a Creaturesaurus puppet by tickling his foot.  His arch-rival Herbert “Hello” Dawley is seen animating a mailbox.