From his earliest films, KEN TOBEY established a solid, no-nonsense screen presence, often in military roles.

He generally played support to major stars like Burt Lancaster (Gunfight at OK Corral), Fess Parker (Davy Crockett), John Wayne (Wings of Eagles), Randolph Scott (Rage at Dawn) and James Garner (Marlowe).

His gruff demeanor could turn rotten, as in 40 Guns to Apache Pass, Billy Jack, and Walking Tall.

Tobey headlined his own series Whirlybirds for two years, and was a semi-regular on I Spy as the CIA boss.

A new generation of filmmakers who remembered Ken Tobey kept him working on films and in TV into his 70s.

But it is for his science fiction films that Kenneth Tobey is most beloved by fans.  In 1951, he battled the bloodthirsty carrot from Mars at the Arctic in The Thing —

At the North Pole again, he stood up to the atom-bomb-revived dinosaur in The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms in 1953.

And still in the frozen north, he starred in “Y.O.R.D.”, an eerie episode of television’s Science Fiction Theater.

As the sub commander in It Came from Beneath the Sea, he battled a gigantic octopus which planned to eat San Francisco.

And he faced off with a man-turned-monster as the cop in The Vampire (1957).


A real scientist (with a Masters in Marine Biology), Brinke is the most prolific “Scream Queen” in movie history.

Since her debut as a sexy extra in films like All the Marbles and This is Spinal Tap, Brinke has specialized in genre films.from her gory power tool death in Slumber Party Massacre to today’s internet productions.

A fantasy fan since she was a girl, Brinke was a member of the inner circle of the famed San Diego Comic Con when it began.  “A fan once told me, ‘Brinke, you’re a big a nerd as the rest of us. You’re just better looking.’ “

Among her more than 150 feature credits:  Teenage Exorcist, Blood Scarab, Haunting Fear, Mob Boss, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, Delta Delta Die, Dead Clowns, and Hybrid.

She has also voiced audio books, hosted documentaries, and produced and written several feature scripts.


Both RON G. WILSON and JOHN GOODWIN have a long history of improvisational comedy.

Ron Wilson was one of the founding members of the LA improv theater The Groundlings, and has acted and directed comedy club and theatrical presentations for years.

He has taught comedic acting on a college level. As a video producer/director, his industrial and commercial work has earned him a “Clio” award.

Among Ron’s credits:  The Richard Pryor Show, The Gong Show, Monsters & Maniacs, and a 1970s blaxpolitation film so awful he won’t mention its title.

John Goodwin appeared for several years with The Groundlings, and on screen in Tremors, Heart and Soul and TV shows like CSI. He is known as one of the best make-up effects creators in the business, with five Emmy nominations and one win.

While working with veteran actor Les Tremayne, the elder actor relayed to John the instruction he got from an old time director years before: “Let’s have more acting and less Tremayne.”


As the pert secretary Connie Lingus, CATHY CAHN brings a “Saturday Night Live” feel to her role. Primarily an improv comedy actress, Cathy also did a wacky character role in the horror comedy Dr. Hackenstein.


“Trash” in Return of the Living Dead, LINNEA QUIGLEY has starred in dozens of creature features including Night of the Demons, Savage Streets, Robot Ninja and Dr, Alien. Linnea learned and performed her dialogue for THE NAKED MONSTER in American Sign Language.


MICHELLE BAUER is the third of the 1980s Scream Queens trio, frequently co-starring with Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley or both: Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Nightmare Sisters, 1313 Cougar Cult and Screaming in High Heels.


ROBERT CORNTHWAITE reprises his character of the brilliant and petulant Dr. Arthur Carrington, Patrick Hendry’s rival and nemesis in the 1951 classic The Thing.
Stage and screen veteran Cornthwaite excelled in everything from Ibsen and Shaw to TV sitcoms.
His sci-fi credits: War of the Worlds (with Ann Robinson, above), Reptilicus, Monkey Business, Kiss Me Deadly, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Thriller and Colossus: the Forbin Project.


ANN ROBINSON’s plucky Sylvia Van Buren in the George Pal War of the Worlds resulted in her reviving her character for the 1988 TV series, the 2005 remake, and naturally, in THE NAKED MONSTER.


LES TREMAYNE parodies his War of the Worlds role as “General Mann.” Among his other credits: The Slime People, Angry Red Planet, Creature of Destruction, TV’s Shazam, Monster from Piedras Blancas


“Inspector Henderson” on TV’s Adventures of Superman, ROBERT SHAYNE’s sci-fi films include Neanderthal Man, Invaders from Mars, How to Make a Monster, Teenage Caveman, Indestructible Man and TV’s The Flash


ROBERT CLARKE, actor, director and producer:  Man from Planet X, Captive Women, Hideous Sun Demon, Incredible Petrified World, Beyond the Time Barrier and Frankenstein’s Island


Stars of 1959’s Monster of Piedras Blancas reunite in THE NAKED MONSTER. John Harmon’s work includes Chaplin’s Limelight, Funny Girl, TV series including Superman, Star Trek, and The Rifleman and Microwave Massacre. Jeanne Carmen appeared in Untamed Youth, Three Outlaws, Striporama and The Devil’s Hand.


LORI NELSON starred opposite John Agar in Revenge of the Creature, in Roger Corman’s Day the World Ended and Destry, Bend of the River, Untamed Youth, and I Died a Thousand Times.


JOHN AGAR’s major sci-fi films: Tarantula, Revenge of the Creature, The Mole People, Hand of Death, Attack of the Puppet People, Journey to the 7th Planet, Zontar the Thing from Venus and King Kong (1976).


GLORIA TALBOTT’s memorable genre films: I Married a Monster from Outer Space, The Cyclops, Daughter of Dr. Jekyll and The Leech Woman.


Narrator GEORGE FENNEMAN made one of his few on-screen appearances in The Thing (above, with Robert Cornthwaite and Ken Tobey). On TV, he worked with Groucho Marx on You Bet Your Life, and on Dragnet (“The story you are about to see is true… the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”)


FORREST J. ACKERMAN (with Lori Nelson, above), beloved by Baby-Boomers as the editor of Famous Monsters magazine, made cameos in over 50 films, including Bikini Drive-In, Nudist Colony of the Dead, Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold, The Vampire Hunters Club,The Howling, Beverly Hills Cop II, Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, Queen of Blood and The Time Travelers.


“TRACY THE GORILLA” starred with Forrest Tucker & Larry Storch in TV’s original Ghost Busters series. By an amazing coincidence, Tracy’s “trainer” BOB BURNS also appears in the film.


One of this generation’s top character actors, DANIEL ROEBUCK appeared in The Fugitive and its sequel US Marshals, was featured on Matlock, CSI, Law & Order, The River’s Edge, Agent Cody Banks, Bubba-Ho-Tep and as Jay Leno in The Late Shift.  A lifelong monster movie fan, he debuted in the schlock comedy Cavegirl.


As in his trio of laughable cult favorites made by Ed Wood, PAUL MARCO plays hapless “Kelton the Cop.”