A global calamity throws SOMETHING onto a California beach. At Piedras Blancas lighthouse, Mr. Lipschitz (John Harmon) reacts to a yowl that sounds like something making love to his foghorn.  The next day, Mrs. Lipschitz (Jeanne Carmen) can’t find a trace of her husband, except for his pancreas impaled on a giant toothpick.

Sheriff Lance Boiler (R.G. Wilson) investigates.  It’s a mystery surrounded by an enigma and wrapped in bacon. Intrigued, Dr, Nikki Carlton (Brinke Stevens), world’s most beautiful unemployed ichtheo-paleontologist, finds herself in the middle of a rivalry between Sheriff Boiler and dashing secret agent Jeff Stewart (John Goodwin).

They discover a 60 foot humanoid amphibian, not-so-bright survivor of another time.  Big.  Dumb.  And hungry!

Dr. Helen Gibson (Lori Nelson) identifies the prehistoric behemoth as the Creaturesaurus Erectus.

In the era of huge Lizards, Bugs, Blobs, Brains and Things, she had accompanied stalwart monster-fighter Col. Patrick Hendry to the island of Kaiju Eiga to destroy the last remaining giant monsters. The Creaturesaurus is the one who got away.

The boys turn to grumpy Col. Henrdy (Kenneth Tobey), locked in a VA hospital to hide the fact that giant monsters were real. With coaxing and a promise of 30 years back-pay, Pat Hendry is ready for action again.

Col. Hendry marshals the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to stop the Creature from destroying the city.  Jets and biplanes are useless. Bullets bounce off.  Even poking it in the foot with a big stick doesn’t work!

At the last minute, Hendry receives a collect call from the North Pole: his old adversary Dr. Carrington (Robert Cornthwaite).  After a testy exchange Carrington comes up with an idea:  cook it!

With the city saved in the nick of time, Nikki and a team of scientists examine the giant carcass. Jeff and Lance discover a bizarre, slimy sphere, which they take to famed monsterologist Dr. Clete Ferguson (John Agar).  He reveals that it is an egg– and the Creaturesaurus is female.

“Gentlemen, your monster… is a mother.  A big, mean ugly mother!”

Nikki suspects the creature might not be exactly 100% totally, really-truly dead.  Fortunately, the Creaturesaurus is so comatose it would take an act of God to wake it up.

Unfortunately, it is hit by a lightning bolt.

Hysteria sweeps the city as the Creaturesaurus destroys everything in its path.  Can anything stop it? Will all of humanity be eaten like so many fried shrimp? Will Sheriff Boiler be re-elected? Will Nikki choose Lance or Jeff?



See it– before IT sees YOU!!!

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